Marketing Data Analyst

Posted 01/09/2019

This role is a contracted ~ 100 hour commitment from late January to early June 2019.

Job Overview

The Work

Overall the project goals are to create a full funnel view (i.e. traffic, engagement, purchase) of the the client’s digital ecosystem to guide performance marketing practices. This work will include the development of benchmarks and standard KPIs that we can measure against to determine success and recommend changes.

Short term goals are concentrated on understanding how each platform is performing effectively and measuring to their agreed upon key performance indicators, individually and as a digital ecosystem. Long term goals will be defined and agreed on after these metrics and their reporting have been well established.


  • Work with data management team to align all marketing data from third party vendor tools (Google Analytics, Omniture, Tableau, etc.) and internal production data throughout customer life cycle.
  • Work with channel managers, data and BI teams to develop and maintain consistent metrics, reporting and monitoring around campaign/channel funnel conversion, return on investment and profit performance as well as campaign/channel planning and forecasting
  • Incorporate digital campaign performance metrics from Social and Email channel teams
  • Distill business summary and insights and make actionable recommendation to business partners through channel reporting and monitoring.
  • Develop channel attribution mechanism to help on channel diversification, revenue and budget optimization and allocation.
  • Create monthly reports and analysis that lead to recommendations.


  • Create a monthly report that that reviews how digital platforms are performing holistically against key performance indicators established during the discovery phase.
  • Pull all the necessary data from provided sources to generate the weekly and monthly reports in the approved format identified in the discovery phase.
  • Weekly dashboard report that will include all KPI metrics identified in the discovery phase.

Owen’s General Expectations:

  • Unwavering commitment to the best possible work, especially when the well feels dry and it’s really hard or it feels like “just another project”
  • Related to the above: research, research, research. Getting to the heart of the problem you’re trying to solve by digging in deep (whether it’s the history of stickball or soccer in Paraguay or a new way to track time or a production technique that mimics hieroglyphics)
  • Brilliant thinking, detailed follow-through, honest & direct communication
  • Ideas about how to make this rocket ship fly faster and higher without spontaneously combusting
  • Hard work. All-in commitment. No excuses. Requests for more information, inspiration and/or help, when needed
  • Respect for your Owen teammates. Treating others as one would like to be treated. Lending a hand where you can. Not leaving anyone behind or picking up your slack. Remembering that we will spend more waking time together than with most anyone else, and making that relationship the best it can be.

Sound Like You?

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Application Deadline: 01/14/2019